What is PunkChiridion?

November 6, 2017 Justin Peter Gudel

What is PunkChiridion?

Do you want a sales pitch?  I’ve got several, and they’re all terrible.  Don’t get me wrong, they each have a place, and I choose which one to use based on the audience.


To my non-Christian friends who know me or my friend, Henry:

PunkChiridion desires to raise up more Christians like Henry and me.


To non-believers who don’t know me:

PunkChiridion creates dialogs between Christians and non-Christians, with the goal of recognizing the failures within churches and finding new common ground for future conversations—opportunities to mutually share ideas.  


To the lifelong conservative Christians:

PunkChiridion is an evangelism project aimed at the dechurch (those that have left the church) because reaching them can impact the unchurched (those who have never been Christians).  Because, it’s the dechurched that are now living with, married to, and friends with the unchurched.


To those who want to see change/action in the church:

PunkChiridion shares our true story where we talk to people about Jesus in a way that invites other Christians into similar conversations by mitigating their fears.  We show how simple, honest, and earnest these interactions can be and give insight how to replicate.


For those that equate pedantic words as to well researched or thought out ideas:

It is the prime objective of the church and the individual Christian to reach the lost. PunkChiridion aims to explore and transform outreach to today’s de-churched and unchurched through narrative pedagogy, experimentation, and redefining evangelism from a technical problem to an adaptive challenge.  PunkChiridion posits that this active model will also engage and invite disaffected Christians into participation.  


I have a longer 60-second pitch, but at this point, I’ll leave redundancy for another day.  Instead, here is our vision and then mission statements.    


To be a DIY Christian Influencer.  Matthew 11:12

Focused outreach to the dechurched that also impacts the unchurched—with the intended consequence being DIY Christians.  


I know that this probably leaves you with more questions than answers.  Such as, “What’s with the name?”  “What’s a DIY Christian?”  “How do you intend to do all of this?”

Well my friend, please follow us on Facebook or sign up for our emails (which will at most hit your inbox once a week).  

This is going to be a journey, and we’d love to have you come along for the ride.