Partner w/ Us

Our goal is to create resources and content for all Christians. Our volunteers and staff will be doing most of this through our operations/experiments on the street. Everything that we discover in these endeavors will eventually make its way to this site as a free resource.

  Check out the ways you can help us below.  


As a Church...

Additionally, churches can partner with us in two ways.

The first is giving us time and space to share our mission within your congregation. PunkChiridion is dedicated to building up and empowering Christians everywhere. This level of teamwork could be as simple as plugging us in your regular publications. It could also be having one of our speakers come to your facility to give a talk or lead a Bible study. We even offer free discussions, or table time, where we can help congregations feel out their commitment to outreach and evangelism.

The second level of partnership invites us into a long-term relationship where we will work at raising up volunteers in your church, to do the ministry of evangelism. Our pilot program will be launching shortly. For more information contact our director Justin Gudel at

As an Individual...

We need your support.  There are many ways you can assist us.  There is a need for partnering with us financially.  We need people to like, share, and push us on social media so that we can reach a tipping point and become visible.  We need volunteers to share their stories, assist with infographics, photography, experimentation, and other creative content.  If you'd like to help, please contact us either through our contact us now widget or on Facebook.

And as always, prayers.