My Friend Brian

January 8, 2018 Justin Peter Gudel

[Editorial note, at least one word in this post will be redundant.  In the future, the writing will be better.]

Those of you who’ve read any of these first posts, my early adopters, you are in the words of my friend Brian, “A-MAZ-ING.”  I recognize that this is actually a single word and that it’s in all caps.  I had to capitalize each of those letters as that is how Brain is.  He’s a caps lock individual.  It’s as if every dull word is an expression of emotion and when he does emote, it’s over the top.  The outside observer might think he’s putting on a show.  But having known him for nearly twenty years, I can vouch and guaranty that he’s genuine. His excitement shines high beams on the simple things that I regularly overlook.  

Like vegetables.  

A year ago, we were drinking coffee at Old Crown, and at a low in the conversation, he looks into my eyes and says in earnest, “So Emily has me eating vegetables.”  He pauses there, mouth slightly ajar, which is almost obscured by his well-sculpted beard.  It is a mass of marvelous facial hair.  “There amazing!” he says about the vegetables.  “Who knew?”  For the next ten minutes, Brian raved about produce as if he had discovered them for all mankind.  

Every time he leaves town to see a friend, it’s not an outing or a trip. It’s a vacation.  

When people connect in thought, fellowship, or relationship — It’s A-MAZ-ING!  

It might sound trite because it’s ordinary.  But interacting with others and the world around us might be one of the most important things in this world.

Perhaps PunkChiridion’s most significant role will be merely creating conversations and connections.  I’ll keep the rest of this short.  Below are a few of the links that we feel people new to PunkChirdion should read.

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If you get a chance to check them out, I’d love to hear feedback.  If you don’t have time, I challenge you to take a tiny step in connecting.  In the comments write one thing.  Ask a question.  Write something that you’re going through.  Write a fun fact.  Tell me you’re thoughts on how terrible a name Punkchiridion is.  

And as always, like and follow us on Facebook.  It’s weird, but those clicks they matter for how visible we are.  And it makes me feel good.  It might be a self-serving favor, and it might sound common.  But it really is A-MAZ-ING!  

[Editor’s note, I can’t express how much I dislike the word amazing.  Also, you were forewarned.]