What to Expect When Expectations Are Low

October 25, 2017 Justin Peter Gudel

What to Expect When Expectations Are Low

This will be a short post, apologies all around. Today I just wanted to reiterate what a few of our current goals are here at PunkChiridion.

We are officially a 501c3 IRS charitably recognized not for profit entity. It feels so good to be able to say that out loud. Additionally, we are currently 100% volunteer ran. By this I mean, none of our staff gets paid. As we grow, we will be hiring part-time employees and paying for freelance, but currently, what you see is all because of different levels of passion and a desire to see where this is going.

So what can you expect?

1) Regarding written content, we will have two original blog posts up each week — likely on Monday’s and Fridays. We also aim to have one long-form article, a free resource for individual use, or a report on an evangelism event/experiment also weekly.
2) You can expect a monthly street stunt or survey focused on asking some big question or an investigation in conversation.
3) We have had so many offers for volunteer assistance, that we don’t know how to use them. So gradually we will be expanding into new and exciting areas based on of those individual’s talents.
4) Expect us to grow.

How can you be part of this?
-Read our stuff and comment on it. It helps with SEO, search engine optimization, and affirms that people out there are listening and caring.
-Like, share, and follow us on Facebook. I find this funny, but while we do need financial contributions, having the platform pushed on social media is what we need first and foremost. This is seriously a significant assistance.
-Did I forget prayer? Lots of it, please.
-Share us with leadership in your church and invite us to give a free talk.
-If the Spirit so moves you, and you have the funds available, and you can give cheerfully — then yes, all donations will make a huge impact on where we are going.

With much love,